Our comprehensive services encompass the entire management tasks required in relation to the rules and regulations in force; the relations with the authorities, the net operators, the management and paperwork relating to insurances, the energy output schedules required for the financial income records, cash disbursements, tax returns and financial audits, the management of guarantees, the monitoring of cash flows as well as the management of everything concerning insurances and the plant safety, including the specific management processes pertaining to O&M.

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Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Care of entrepreneurial and legal aspects
  • Financial management: bookkeeping, tax returns, income and liquidations, relations with receivables’ collectors
  • Relations with banks, suppliers, clients, public authorities;
  • Technical management of the plants: cost optimisations, reports of technical and productivity reviews and
  • All of our client relationships / plant management agreements reflect the individual attention to the specific characteristics of each plant.

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